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Kosifler Auto LAND ROVER

Since the introduction of LAND ROVER’s first model in 1948...

Kosifler Auto LAND ROVER

Since the introduction of LAND ROVER’s first model in 1948, LAND ROVER is now the number one brand on customers’ lips when it comes to 4x4 or SUVs. For 65 years, this experienced producer has exclusively concentrated on the world of 4x4. While preserving its vision to “create the best vehicle for every known terrain in the world”, and enhancing this vision with a wide range of new models, LAND ROVER’s fleet has a solution for every perceivable need in today’s modern world.


Equipped with sophisticated technology, each LAND ROVER model is iconic. They are also unbeatable in many environments, including both asphalt roads and off road terrains. Apart from solely meeting the user’s immediate needs, LAND ROVER also aims to inspire. LAND ROVER’s vehicles have been adapted for urban usage without making concessions to its adventurous spirit. Known as an environmentally-friendly producer, through the use of environmentally-friendly technology in its vehicles, LAND ROVER also supports environmental agencies such as Born Free and The Royal Geographical. Through an innovative and progressive philosophy, LAND ROVER continues to work tirelessly in order to create the most effective and dynamic vehicles.