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Kosifler Auto Long-term Car Rental

Kosifler Auto’s ability to offer other alternatives to corporate clients besides the purchase of automobiles.

Kosifler Auto Long-term Car Rental
Kosifler Auto Long-term Car Rentalwww.kosifleroto.com.tr

For the last 20 years Kosifler Auto has provided its customers with superior products, expert services and innovative solutions. One such innovation is Kosifler Auto’s ability to offer other alternatives to corporate clients besides the purchase of automobiles. Managing a company fleet is a demanding task, where many different aspects of the fleet need to be coordinated simultaneously. Corporate clients are faced with various dilemmas. Some of these include:


  • how to choose an appropriate fleet structure for the company’s image and area of use.

  • how to allocate time and resources for maintenance, insurance and other bureaucratic transactions.



Kosifler Car Rental and Fleet Sales Department offers practical solutions to these questions. Instead of purchasing a BMW, MINI or LAND ROVER, a long-term rental option is available to corporate clients. This helps you to avoid the bureaucratic hassle involved in purchasing a new model, and enables you to be fully mobile with a well-equipped fleet.


Advantages of the Kosifler Auto Corporate Customer Rental Program:


Being a member of our long-term car rental program means that company resources can be redirected for better use. This has many advantages for the client:


  • The corporation, renting the car, does not need to pay the cost of buying a brand new automobile.  Instead, it only pays the depreciation cost divided over a specified time period. Therefore, a company will be able to save the bulk of its capital, allowing it to redirect its resources into improving production or creating new employment opportunitie

  • The monthly rental invoices are tax deductable.

  • If Kosifler Group’s Corporate Car Rental Program is employed, the company will not have to create a separate department to monitor insurance, tax, maintenance and repair or accidents.

  • In the event of a breakdown or accident, customers are provided with a spare car. This means corporations can spend more time and capital focusing on their business activities.

  • The maintenance and repair of rented automobiles are carried out to the highest professional standards by Kosifler Auto’s maintenance team.